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2023 MINASF Golf Championship

Updated: Jul 20

Thank you to everyone who came out for the 2023 MINASF Golf Championship ⛳️ . Despite a little rain ☔ , we had a great day! We appreciate all of our sponsors who made this event possible 🙌🏻 !

Event Sponsor: MacDermid Enthone Industrial Solutions

Lunch Sponsor: Columbia Chemical Corporation

Dinner Sponsor: Atotech an MKS Brand

Mulligan Sponsor: Palm Commodities

Bev Cart Sponsor: Haviland Enterprises, Inc.

19th Hole Sponsors: North American Rectifiers and Bowman XRF

Premium Hole Sponsor: Steelhead Technologies

Individual Hole Sponsors: Univertical Corp., KC Jones Plating Company, North American Rectifiers (2), American CRS Equipment, American CRS Equipment, Haviland Enterprises, Inc., Plating International, Inc., Wolverine Plating Corp, RADOM Corporation, Dipsol Of America (2), American Plating Power, Marsh Plating


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