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2024 Technical Session

Thank you to all of our 2024 Technical Session attendees and speakers! On Friday, March 15th, we had a very productive day hearing the latest regulatory news from National and learning about ways to improve operational efficiency on the job shop floor. We then capped off the day with a delicious dinner, while some showed us their smooth moves on the dance floor!

You can find all presentation links here:

Christian Richter & Jeff Hannapel - The Policy Group

Policy Update From National

Presentation content provided on request, please contact Christian Richter @ crichter@thepolicygroup

Darrick Gula - Atotech

Chet Halonen - Steelhead Technologies

Stefanie Rigg - MacDermid Enthone Industrial Solutions Industrial Wastewater Optimization

A big thank you to our sponsors who made this event possible:

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Mar 19

Thanks for another great session, and everything you do behind the scenes for MINASF Ellen!!

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