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NASF Webinar: EPA PFAS Survey Guidance, Part II

February 15, 2024‎ at 1:00 PM EST

EPA has distributed its comprehensive industry survey to support the surface finishing PFAS wastewater discharge rule to over 2,000 facilities. The survey includes an extensive set of information requests regarding facility operations and processes, use of PFAS, PFAS discharge data, water discharge permits, and financial information. Responses to the survey are due by March 1, 2024, and EPA will use the information from the survey to help shape the rule for PFAS wastewater discharges.


The February 15, 2024 NASF webinar will provide NASF members additional guidance on responding to the survey, including: the applicability of the “off-ramps” from completing the survey for certain facilities, the process for claiming certain information as confidential business information (CBI), and how to request an extension of the March 1, 2024 deadline.


If you have any questions or would like additional information on the survey or the new ‎wastewater discharge rule for PFAS, please contact Jeff Hannapel or Christian Richter with ‎NASF at or ‎

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